Nostalgic Candy Wrappers & Other Vintage Photos
from Chase Candy Company

Early versions of the Chase Candy Cop

Early Cherry Cop Riding a Horse Early Cherry Cop Running Early Cherry Cop Pointing Right Early Cherry Cop, with Baton


Chase Candy Company's Founder: George Washington Chase

George Washington Chase


1950s photo of the hand-dipping process that forms the Cherry Mash center

hand-dipping cherry mash centers


1948 boxed chocolate treats from the Chase Candy Company

Pony Express candies

Pony Express

Showboat candies



1920s Era Chase Candy Wrappers

Black Walnut candy wrapper

Black Walnut

MalloMilk candy wrapper


ChaseNut candy wrapper


Malted Milk candy wrapper

Malted Milk

Double Brunch candy wrapper

Double Brunch

Nutrol candy wrapper


Tween Meals candy wrapper

Tween Meals

Pierce Arrow candy wrapper

Pierce Arrow


Chase's Candy Dogs Wrapper - 1920s

Candy Dogs candy wrapper


Chase Acquired Bunte Brothers Candy Company in 1954

Diana Stuft confections

Diana Stuft Confections

Tangos candy wrapper


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