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I've always said that our many loyal customers are the reason we've been around since 1876. And one of my favorite things is when we open letters from customers singing the praises of Cherry Mash and the Chase Candy Company.

Richard, who lived in nearby Kansas City for 20 years, just wanted to tell us: "Of all the candy I have tried in my life, your Cherry Mash bar is my absolute favorite. I used to drive by the factory and tease my daughter telling her I would love to work there...I just wanted to tell you that you have a great product and please keep up the good work. I even scanned a wrapper and use it for wallpaper on my computer." Richard now lives in California, where Cherry Mash is harder to find, so he has his daughter send them to him from Denver. Thanks, Richard. If your computer screensaver makes you hungry, you can always order online!

Ernest, from Lincoln, Nebraska, writes: "I grew up in a very small town of Reynolds, Nebraska, population 250, one of the many locations which the traveling salesmen called on their regular accounts.

"The Chase Candy Company representative called regularly on this particular general store. We kids soon caught on to the schedule of the candy salesman and looked forward to his arrival for we knew that candy samples were to be had, due to his generosity.

"I recall the sample case that the salesman carried. It opened up similar to an accordion instrument, or better yet, more like an enlarged version of a tackle box. When the salesman arrived, he carried into the store the tackle box arrangement that was loaded with various candy goodies. Also, there were always other boxes that contained the delicacy of rich chocolate.

"When the salesman started to open up his cases, that was the signal for us 'penniless urchins' to get a little closer for we knew from past experience that through the salesman’s generosity we would receive several tidbits of candy.

"Some 60-odd years have past since then and I was not aware the Chase Candy Company is still a thriving enterprise until I found in our trick-or-treat assortment, a miniature Cherry Mash Candy Bar with the Chase Candy Company name on the wrapper. Perhaps the reason I like good rich chocolate today is because of the high-quality chocolate which Chase Candy Company used in their products and which the salesman passed on to us kids.

"Thanking you in advance for listening. And as a 'senior citizen,' I still have fond and pleasant memories of my childhood days and of the Chase Candy Company; also, the kind and generous salesman who had many kids as friends; and last, but not least, the recollection of when the Cherry Mash Candy Bar was five pennies."

Stay tuned for more…and we welcome your letters and e-mails. We may not mention them all here, but we do read every one and make every effort to respond to your comments and concerns. You can also find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

― Barry Yantis


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