Cherry Mash ― America's Favorite Cherry Candy Bar Since 1918

Cherry Mash Nutritional Information

Nothing satisfied America's sweet tooth in the Roaring '20s like the world-famous Cherry Mash candy bar. Its soft, cherry-flavored center, made from real maraschino cherries, is surrounded by chopped roasted peanuts and thick chocolate ― pure goodness!

For nearly 100 years, America has celebrated its love affair with the one-and-only Cherry Mash. It's the third-oldest candy bar in the country. This unique sweet confection has inspired countless letters, poems and even a Cherry Mash song.

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How to Find World-Famous Cherry Mash

To this day, Cherry Mash is still the best-selling cherry candy bar in America. But, like most good things, it can sometimes be hard to find. Look for it across the Midwest at groceries, gas stations, convenience stores and mass merchandise outlets, or at specialty candy stores in other parts of the world. Use our Cherry Map It! tool to find Cherry Mash near you, or order yours online now.

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